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Zahner is an internationally acclaimed engineering and fabrication company best known for the use of metal in the world of art and architecture.  Headquartered in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, Zahner employs nearly two-hundred craftsmen and engineers in its offices and two plants in Kansas City, Missouri, and Dallas, Texas.

Zahner delivers highly crafted architectural metalwork for designers around the globe, and has done so for more than 110 years and four generations. Zahner's goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of clients through intelligent solutions and high-quality craftsmanship. Zahner leads the exploration of practical and sustainable metal applications by recruiting and retaining brilliant craftsmen and engineers.  Zahner integrates digital definition into the design and manufacturing processes, and successfully couples highly engineered surfaces with un-equaled craftsmanship in all their projects.

Above, CEO/President L. William Zahner shows clients some of the experimental artworks that Zahner is producing for frequent collaborator, client, and artist, Jan Hendrix. The half-inch thick aluminum plate has been water jet cut with a leaf pattern, shown as it exits the GB-60™ Bead-blasting machine.

Below, workers of the Sheet Metal Union #2 at Zahner construct massive ZEPPS™ assemblies for the Metro Rail AirportLink Canopy, part of the Miami Central Station, a section of Florida's Miami Intermodal Center which opened in 2012.

ZEPPS™ Assemblies, fabricated in new wing at the Zahner Headquarters in Kansas City.

Leaders at Zahner

L. William Zahner, CEO/President of Zahner, is recognized as the expert on the use of metals in artwork and architecture.  The American Institute of Architects bestowed upon Mr. Zahner an honorary AIA membership in 2007 for his dedication to the profession of Architecture, his knowledge of metal building envelopes, and his contributions to advancing the quality of the built environment.  

L. William Zahner is the author of two books which have become comprehensive guides and official textbooks at many universities. Zahner was also awarded the International Copper Medal by the Societa Metallurgica Italiana Spa located in Florence, Italy in March 2006, and is a sculptor in his own right, having designed and constructed several sculptures of his own over the past ten years.

Robert Zahner, Senior Vice-President of Zahner and brother to L. William Zahner, is equally recognized for his expertise in the field of metal. He is internationally known for his hands-on knowledge of metal sciences and for guiding the operations group on various projects. Robert Zahner holds multiple positions among Sheet Metal and Architectural organizations, and has spoken worldwide on topics ranging from BIM and digital architecture, to sustainable construction and lean manufacturing.

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