Design Assist

Design Assist

For more than a century, architects and owners have turned to Zahner to solve complex challenges with architectural metals. The engineers and designers at Zahner are among the most respected and experienced in the world.

Every complex project at Zahner begins with our Design Assist. In the design assist stage, the architect’s desires are refined and amplified to meet the client’s needs and to resonate with the metal processes offered by Zahner. Trained professionals translate the architect’s vision and scope by analyzing and amplifying the project to meet desired expectations.

Design Assist is also an opportunity to take projects further than envisioned. Diligent efficiencies and creative minds produce brilliant solutions during the collaboration of our designers, architects, artists, and engineers.

Zahner's goal to exceed the expectations of our clients.  For example, the architects and members of the client's design team of  The Los Angeles Police Memorial to Fallen Officers was such a case. The Gensler architects collaborated with us to produce the 32’ long by 12.5’ brass memorial in Los Angeles, CA. The architects wanted hundreds of plaques with the engraved names of fallen police officers to float from the rectangular monument, but to also have a way of adding the names of officers who fall in the line of duty as time passes.

We designed the system to allow as much light as possible through the center of the memorial, so that the entire monument seems to hover, its components supporting itself. Each plate is installed with security hardware so that components can be removed, shipped back to Zahner, engraved with an officer's name, and then returned to the memorial for mounting. This elegant custom-interlocking system was developed by DAG in collaboration with the architects.

DAG develops the value engineering, system details, and the project budget, creating a general framework that Operations can follow through to completion. The end product isn’t a finite engineering drawing, but rather an amplification of the spirit and intent of architect’s vision, and a guide map for the duration of the project.

Select Design Assist Projects

The projects above range in both size and shape, a wide scale of budgets and scopes.  They  are also complex projects and could not be produced without a team of artist and architect-minded individuals, like our Design Assist Group.

Taubman Museum in Roanoke, Virginia.

Zahner participates in the design assistance process for some of the most challenging projects in the world. Our knowledge and understanding of the design process allows us to assist other designers and architects at the earliest stages of the project. The end result is that we establish the highest quality and most efficient design possible.

Zahner also provides long-term, onsite consultation. Depending upon the complexity of the project, our consultants often work in teams to broaden the expertise available to the client. Since we are a comprehensive organization, clients know that no matter the challenge, Zahner will have the solution.

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