Inverted Seam®

"The best roof that money can buy"

The Inverted Seam® system is a modern cladding system for both roof and wall systems that creates a finished surface with an smooth appearance across its entire surface. An Inverted Seam® roof does not merely shed water, it controls water. Up to 70% of precipitation from the surface of the roof is channeled through the Inverted Seam® system. This water can then be channeled through a system for recycling.

No upturned standing seams, batten caps or ribs

Only a thin line separating the two panels can be seen, a seam where the two panels fold down into a hairline joint. This joint, however, can be enlarged to create a visual reveal between the two down turn folds without jeopardizing the performance of the system. Batten, fins, and other decorative features can be incorporated into the seam to achieve various design requirements. For roof surfaces, the Inverted Seam® system has been successfully used on roofs with extremely slight pitches.

How it works

The Inverted Seam® uses the principle of a rainscreen pressure-equalized surface.  Moisture striking the surface is contained on the surface or confined within a concealed guttering system beneath the surface which runs the course of the entire roof. At all times moisture is controlled within the system. A rigid insulating material, is placed benearth the thin metal panel to provide stiffness. The insulation is not typically adhered to the metal, but placed between the concealed gutters located behind the seams.

De Young Museum, Inverted Seam® in action during heavy rain.

DFW Airport, Cad detail.

Select Projects completed using Inverted Seam®

Inverted Seam SystemFor wall applications, it is not essential to place insulation behind the metal panel. The panels will not need the rigidity. Insulation can be placed there to achieve thermal requirements.  The Inverted Seam® has over 10 years of successful use. It has undergone rigorous testing including extensive curtainwall pressure testing. For roof systems it has undergone extensive flood testing, differential pressure testing in excess of the loading required by UL or FM.

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