The Philosophy

Zahner offers a range of metal surfaces, including surfaces which have been mechanically produced, patinated, as well as custom surface altering applications such as the MetaSystems™ Series and the Zira™ Process. 

Every metal surface offered by Zahner is durable, each for different reasons. In certain atmospheric conditions, aluminum is more weather resistant than stainless, or copper more than zinc. Zahner's expertise on the subject can be seen in the book, Architectural Metal Surfaces, written written by CEO/President, L. William Zahner. Because of these atmospheric variables, Zahner believes in letting these conditions guide material choice.

At the core of Zahner's surface research is the development of patinated surfaces. Patina is a word used to describe the natural barrier which forms on a metal's surface as a result of sun, wind, and moisture. A patina is like cultivated wine, the product of an organic process, and the result of which will continue to mature. The longer it ages, the further refined and elegant a patinated surface becomes. A patina is the antithesis of paint. Paint will yellow, fade, peel, and deteriorate, while a patina will regenerate, grow, and mature.

Featured Surfaces

Solanum Steel™ was developed by Zahner to provide a weathering steel which reduces and in some cases, eliminates the bleeding commonly associated with weathering steel surfaces.

Baroque Zinc ThumbnailBaroque Zinc™ patinated zinc panels provide a refined surface with a durable patina for interior and exterior applications. Its subtly luxurious tones make the metal panels uniquely suited for both contemporary and classical architecture.

Roano Zinc™ and other preweathered patinas on zinc have been developed by Zahner to provide a distinguished weathered surface to a base metal known for it's durability. Because of the inherent stability of the natural patination process, the zinc patina changes very little as it ages and weathers in the sun, wind, and water.

Angel Hair® detailZahner developed the Angel Hair® Process for surfaces requiring reduced reflectivity. The material is characterized by nearly invisible delicate lines which dance across its surface. The surface be produced in various metals, including Stainless, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum, and Nickel.

GB-60 detailGB-60™ stands for a "Glass Bead" and "60" is the number corresponding with the size of the actual beads being shot at the metal. This is a computer guided machine blasting process which results in the most uniform bead-blast system on the market. Can be produced in various metals, including Stainless, Copper, Aluminum, and Nickel.

Dirty Penny DetailDirty Penny™ Patinated Copper Metal is one of the most durable dark patinas that can be done to mill copper. Produced by a rapid pre-weathering process, the metal often results in subtle iridescent hues beneath its dark surface, and is named for the many tones and hues seen in U.S. Mint Pennies.

Hunter DetailHunter Zinc™ patinated surfaces are among the most stable organic patinas in the world. The durable rustic surface is imbued with tones of limestone, and has been used on two major projects in the United States.

Star Blue CopperZahner's Star Blue™ Copper patinated surface is a rapid pre-weathering process that brings out bold blues and greens in the surface of copper. This patina is one of the most stable patination processes on copper in the world, and has only been used on a select few projects.

The patinas featured above are a small selection of the many options available to architects.

Unique Surfaces & Custom Colors

The surfaces offered above are just a few of the surfaces Zahner offers in metal. Zahner has the talented engineers and fabricators to work with every metal used in architecture.

Zahner has used a vast palette of metals, including aluminum, interference-coated stainless steel, titanium, monel, muntz, blackened and gun blued steel, galvanized steel, and many others. Zahner can intensify and reduce reflectivity, alter the surface texture and tones, and create custom patinas for your project.

Partial List of Metal Panel Surface Options

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