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Roof and Wall Systems by Zahner

The critical nature of roof system design requires the utmost care in maintaining a water-shedding surface.  Zahner’s engineered roof systems protect against the elements and yet offer the highest degree of architectural detail and appeal.

A roof cladding system must also be able to interact with other elements of the roof system, namely penetrations such as vents and fall protection, mechanical entities such as solar collection units, and a variety of skylight and clerestory features.

Dual Purpose Roof + Wall

These two cladding systems serve equally well as roof and wall systems. This is particularly useful for architects and designers who desire a uniform surface across both the roof and sides of a building.

Contemporary Jewish Museum, Inverted Seam™ roof in action.Our flagship roof and wall system, the Inverted Seam™ Roof and Wall is a patented system is well known in the architectural industry for its clean sharp lines and smooth co-planar visual nature. Pictured left is the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco, whose skylight windows were sharply engineered to smoothly integrate with the roofplane.

Flat Seam Weatherhead roof at Bard College.Flat Seam panel systems have been a part of the architectural metals industry since the inception of metal cladded roofs. Zahner has taken the typical flat seam system and expanded its capabilities, providing a truly flat paneling system, and giving designers control over the shape of panels, allowing for unique tesselations and patterns.

Roof Systems

Standing Seam RoofOur Standing Seam system we developed is based on an industry standard that has been in use for over a hundred years. Our system is flexible enough to be applied to most curved roofs and a variety of roof pitches. The width and length of the panel as well as the height of the leg can be adjusted to our clients’ desired appearance.

Custom Bold Batten, Interference Stainless Steel.Our patented Bold Batten seam system was developed to provide designers with the flexibility to integrate a traditional building process with intelligent engineered functionality. The bold batten incorporates a concealed clipping system that allows for various shapes to be attached to the surface. The clipping system provides for thermal movement of the panel without compromising the integrity of the water deterrence requirements.

Wall Systems

Lapped Joint SystemOur Lapped Joint Rain Screen systems consist of metal skins attached to a wall substrate using exposed fasteners or hidden welded cleats.

Dry Joint .Our patented Pressure Equalized Dry Joint Wall systems incorporate the principles of pressure equalization and rain screen technologies. These panels can be a variety of custom shapes, planar or dual-curved.

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