Standing Seam

100 Years of Reliability

Zahner has been engineering, manufacturing and installing standing seam roof systems for over 100 years.  Our systems are manufactured using state of the art equipment to very tight tolerances.

Standing seam roof cladding is a standard of the industry that has survived the test of time.  The standing seam panel system consists of light gage metal formed into a partial pan with a water shedding transverse seam.  Custom-engineered clips are used to attach the “legs” of the panel to the roofing substrate and a batten cap is applied to hide the vertical joints.

Zahner can effectively modify the height of the panel legs and the nature of the transverse seam to maximize the water shedding properties of the system while maintaining a desired appearance of the overall system.

This system is flexible enough to be applied to most curved roofs and a variety of roof pitches.  Standing seam panels can be constructed of practically any metal type in light to medium gages.  The width and length of the panel as well as the height of the leg can be adjusted to our clients’ desired appearance.

This system was used in context at the Kansas City Zoo, a local project using smooth radiating curves on copper with a dark patina. The Standing Seam roof system was also used on Sixty Five E. Goethe, a high-end luxury residence in Chicago, and a variation of the system was used on the Kansas City Star Production Facility in downtown Kansas City.

Zahner has several more projects using the traditional roofing system which will be added as more projects get added to the database.

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