Facade, Roof, and Decorative Glass & Metal Panel Systems

The Zira™ Visualizer process is an adaptive system developed for transferring your image across a metal surface. Translate a single image across the entire surface of a project as a 'pixelated' mosaic with the Zira™ Process.

The ZEPPS® Process simplifies the construction of curving forms and complex facades. This is the curving wall panel system used on projects by Frank Gehry, Randall Stout, Cesar Pelli, Moshe Safdie, Rojkind Arquitectos, Kieran Timberlake and many more.

Zahner offers several Building Envelope Systems for both walls and roofs. Zahner systems improve moisture and wind control, and provide aesthetic improvements upon industry.

Tessellate™ Kinetic Facades provide a moving surface that is visually stunning and ecologically sound, providing energy savings with a unique aesthetic.


Intelligent processes with accurate results.

Zahner revolutionized the architectural metals industry with the introduction of the ZEPPS® Process (Zahner Engineered Profile Panel Systems).   ZEPPS® is an accurate, powerful, and flexibile structural system for building anything with metal panels.  Architects such as Frank Gehry and Randall Stout flexed the ZEPPS® Process to achieve astounding results.   Known for its rapid installation, the process is used for both complex curvatures such as the Pritzker Pavilion and rectilinear geometries such as 400 Fifth.  Each new project brings new challenges,  and the process continues to be refined today by the designers and engineers in the Design Assist Group at Zahner.

The Zira™ system evolved from the MetaSurface™ series of bumps, shapes, and perforations applied to metals.   Zira™ combines algorithmic mosaic technologies to create vast murals composed of raised and lowered indentations in the metal, as well as perforated negative spaces in the metal.

Zahner offers four major roof systems.  Zahner's flagship roof system, the Inverted Seam® system is well known in the architectural industry for its clean sharp lines and smooth co-planar visual Photograph of the de Young's Inverted Seam® roof in action.nature.  It is the best roof that money can buy, a roof that does not merely shed water, it controls water.  Pictured to the right is the de Young Museum in San Francisco during a particularly heavy rain storm.  The six streams of water being diverted from the de Young are each running along an inverted seam track below the visual surface of the roof.    Zahner offers four customizable roof systems.

Wall systems are equally important in the protection of a building from moisture.  The primary function of a roof is to protect the building's interior against the elemetns, as well as diverting moisture to the sides of the building.  Most people assume that a wall should continue this process, repelling the water further, but due to the science of pressure, water wants to find its way into the building.  That is why Zahner requires that all the systems built offer pressure equalized and rain screen optimization.  See all of the wall systems offered by Zahner.

Digital definition and precise CNC programming, along with the time proven use of engineered wall and roof systems, ensures that the structures produced by Zahner last a lifetime. No matter the application, Zahner has a proven system to get the job done right.

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