Aluminum-ZINC coatings on steel

*Although we do not offer supply only sheets of aluminized steel, we are happy to custom fabricate based upon your project’s needs. We selectively partner with vendors offering the highest quality materials available in many sizes and thicknesses. Please call for details.

The aluminum-zinc coating commonly known by the trademark name "Galvalume", a sheet steel product formerly developed by Bethlehem Steel Corporation. Other trade names for the product are Zincalume (Australia), Aluzink (Sweden), and Galvalange S.r.a.l. (Brazil).

This product was developed specifically for the roofing and flashing market as an alternative to the widely used galvanized steel sheet. Galvalume involves passing high tensile strength steel through a molten bath of aluminum-zinc alloy metal. 

Micro-residence “Turbulence House” clad in Galvalume.
Micro-residence “Turbulence House” clad in Galvalume.

Precautions with Using Aluminum-Zinc Coatings

Like galvanized steel, and zinc, aluminum-zinc coatings should be used in applications that allow the surface to drain. Keep copper products out of contact with aluminum-zinc coatings. Moisture draining off copper surfaces, including condensation lines, will rapidly corrode aluminum-zinc coatings.

Do not allow water to stand on stored sheets or panels. Corrosion products will develop and weaken the corrosion resistance of the installed sheet. Stains resulting from moisture are difficult to remove without damage to the coating. If the stains are visibly unacceptable, then replace the sheets or consider painting the surface.

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