Mozai Glass™ is a Zahner service for manufacturing architectural glass systems. The service team marries the durability of metal with the beauty and luminescence of artisanal glass. Here, functionality meets artistry.

Glass has been used in architectural settings for hundreds of years. But Zahner takes it further. Consider the possibilities of enhancing the built environment through the use of glass in various forms:

  • Garden follies: create stained glass aesthetics with custom glass effect
  • Natural and artificial lighting systems: bring in light using dazzling colors of glass
  • Public or private art installations: use glass in both art and architecture
  • Custom mullion designs: fenestrations with custom metal mullion and transom
  • Pergolas and ceilings: develop unique details with glass above
  • Translucent flooring: embed and inlay glass in various floor designs
  • Restoration/conservation: use our traditional techniques to restore older designs

Today, glass is used widely in architecture in a variety of familiar forms (curtain walls, facades, vestibules, etc.) to lighten and instill humanity into built environments. Advances in insulated units, Low E, Pyro protective, and tempered glass make the material suitable for many building applications. Whether it be home, garden, work, hospitality, liturgical, medical, transportation, or security; the use of glass goes beyond pure function. The decorative and imaginative fusion of glass into the built space continues to be a part of human fascination.

Specify Mozai Glass for Art Commissions

Mozai Glass is made possible by the relationship between A. Zahner Company and the Kansas City glass artist Dierk Van Keppel, whose relationship spans over 15 years, including collaborative public and private art projects made with glass and metal systems. For architects working with art commissions, the Mozai team provides a suitable method for project delivery.

Source Glass — Select New or Reclaimed

In addition to the Bullseye glass pictured in this brochure, Mozai Glass includes the capability of working with single-source reclaimed glass. Work with architectural teams to develop a project with form, function, and meaning.

Creating Safe Glass and Restrictions

Mozai Glass provides a range of glass options, including tempered and/or safety glass, as well as fused, cast, blown and kiln-formed glass , each of which can be modified with a shatter-protective film to minimize risk. Metal panels are limited to 72″x144″, while glass insets are limited to 46″ x 68″.