The Lawrence and Kristina Dodge Painting Building.

Named in honor of lead donors to the Kansas City Art Institute, the 34,000 square foot Dodge Painting Building is a renovation to the existing building used by the painting department at KCAI for over thirty years. 

The new building was designed by Gastinger Walker Harden, features unique patterning and rich customizations throughout the project. Diamond-shaped preweathered grey zinc panels adorn the building's south elevation. A utility fence, perforated and undulated, wraps the crown of the building. Over the building's north entrance, a custom embossed indentation provides a historic technique to achieve a modern aesthetic.

The building is clad in a variety of metal surfaces developed by Zahner — copper, zinc, and aluminum adorn the building in near equal parts. The copper was installed as a raw "red" sheet with the intention that it would weather over time and eventually become green. This process will take 10 to 20 years typically. 

In addition to using prestige metals these custom surface adjustments are designed to smoothly transition around edges. The copper facade has a creased hatch edge emboss which continues parametrically, even where it breaks for gaps in various slots and windows. To achieve this parametric quality, the entire building's facade was digitally defined. This enabled Zahner engineers to control corners, wrapping the custom emboss patterns around corners and under the soffits. Each piece of metal has its designated destination before it's even manufactured. The building is also clad in a preweathered zinc facade. These diamond-shaped panels are fabricated with a custom recessed flat-seam system.

Corner detail of the zinc facade on the Dodge Painting Building at KCAI
Azco dodge copper 1
South elevation of the dodge building's preweathered zinc facade
East elevation of the Dodge Building's copper facade, shortly after installation