Pritzker Pavilion

Jay Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park

The Pritzker Pavilion, located in Millennium Park in Chicago, consists of fourteen unique elements constructed of straight stick steel support and ZEPPS® Assemblies, each clad with Angel Hair® Stainless Steel. Each of these fourteen shapes serve to form the bandshell, providing protection from the elements while creating a focal point at the stage and orchestra pit of this dynamic outdoor amphitheater.  Architects at Frank Gehry LLC began working with Zahner on this five-year project in 1999.      

The metal surface of this project is clad using our SuperFlat™ Seam Roofing and Siding System.  Our Flat-Seam process differs from other paneling systems in several ways; most noticeably, the near-flat surface it creates, allowing the viewer to focus on the entirety of the shape rather than being drawn to the individual lines.

The ZEPPS® Process is fully responsible for developing the architect's intended shape. The Systems which make up this process were developed to meet any architectural-structural need. The structure reaches a maximum height of 150’; and in several locations curves back on itself, becoming nearly horizontal. Over 700 unique ZEPPS® Assemblies were installed. These Assemblies were clad with over 3,000 2’ x 4’ stainless steel sheets, each with our Angel Hair® finish.

Zahner also completed all 24 of the 6' Diameter Column Covers which encase the rolled pipes that cover the park. These covers consist of heavy-gauge stainless steel plate panels rolled to shape. This is a great example of the industry's best-looking roofing and siding product, the Inverted Seam® Process. The columns range in height from 12’ to over 24’ .

Photo by Sergio Perez

Photo by J. Crocker

Photo by Dmytro Sergiyenko

Original Photo by Owenusa

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