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Zahner Headquarters Expansion Inspires Collaboration

A sneak peek at how our new space could help inspire your next project.

While worldwide demand for exceptional metal art and architecture is increasing, our headquarters has been feeling too small for our growing creative staff. Engineers from sales, research and development, product development, planning, advanced fabrication, and other disciplines are now collaborating in over 17,000 square feet of expansive space designed to encourage interactions inside while piquing the interest of those outside looking in.

Iconic Craft

Zahner Creates

Iconic Craft

From the use of aerospace engineering of curving facades to developing and applying patented technologies, innovation is at the core of Zahner. The museum-level craft and engineering that Zahner consistently provides can be found in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

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Zahner Develops

Innovative Technology

Zahner has developed a wide-range of systems and capabilities which reflect the desires of artists, designers, and architects throughout our built environment.

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Featured System

Louvered ZIRA™

Perforated Louvered Metal

Louvered ZIRA is a versatile system to create unique perforated louvered panel systems.

Zahner Designs

Material Applications

Zahner has a rich history of materials. From aluminum to zinc, cast glass and ceramic bodies, Zahner engineers and fabricators interface with a wide range of materials. The company is a recognized expert in the metal industry, having written the textbook on architectural metal. Learn more about the materials that can be used with Zahner.

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Angel Hair® Solanum Steel™ Dirty Penny™ Hunter Zinc™
Experimental Research

Research & Discovery

We want to uncover and advance knowledge.

Leading Edge Technology

We want to create without stifling the art.

Applied Research

We provide tools to our clients to make them better at what they do.

Zahner Invents

Experimental Research

Zahner research and development is focused on developing art and science-based innovations with sustainable environmental practices. New patina process development takes place in our award-winning, EPA compliant facility, ensuring that the art and technology of tomorrow benefits us all.

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