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Zahner provides unrivaled expertise and experience in architectural metals and engineering.

We combine this—the Zahner Method—that ensures the highest value and quality of work.

We help owners, architects, and contractors create iconic spaces and places that inspire and help them achieve their most profound design aspirations.

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Delivering the vision of designers, artists, and architects is the aim of every Zahner engagement. Hear more from CEO Bill Zahner.

Zahner Labs

Labs Report 003: Human-Robot Workflows for Positioning in Shop & Field

R&D Review

Over the past year our Labs team has been exploring ways to extend the computational intelligence of our design and engineering software into the assembly space. Using human-robot collaborative workflows, we’re innovating new methods of direct-delivery of 3D position in shop and field.

Articles & News

Life Cycle Assessment: Evaluating the Environmental Impact of Architectural Metals

From The Blog

Sustainability discussions are increasingly relevant in the construction industry, as greater attention is being placed on how the embodied carbon (or carbon footprint) of buildings and their materials can be measured and reduced through recycling opportunities.

Articles & News

The FABRICATOR Talks with Bill Zahner About the Latest Zahner Products

From the Blog

The FABRICATOR is the industry’s most widely circulated fabricating and forming magazine. Editor-in-chief Dan Davis recently invited A. Zahner Co. CEO Bill Zahner to share more about the company’s history, current projects, and latest innovations in metal materials, patinas, and finishes.

A history of Weathering Steel

The Fascinating History of COR-TEN and Weathering Steel

A paradoxical group of materials, where decay is a feature.

Qualities of Weathering Steel

The Art & Science of Preweathered Weathering Steel

Improving weathering steel by developing an impervious surface and deep hues prior to installation.

Applications of Weathering Steel

Next Generation Weathering Steel: Preweathered Solanum Steel

An exploration of the advantages and applications of preweathered weathering steel.

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