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Zahner provides unrivaled expertise and experience in architectural metals and engineering.

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We help owners, architects, and contractors create iconic spaces and places that inspire and help them achieve their most profound design aspirations.

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Delivering the vision of designers, artists, and architects is the aim of every Zahner engagement. Hear more from CEO Bill Zahner.

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4 Ways to Make Architectural Materials Selection More Inspiring, Effortless—and Enjoyable

From the Blog

It can be challenging to build momentum during the early stages of architectural design. Here’s a four-step process that can make it easier to get started, explore more concepts and materials, and deliver the best designs for the project and client.

A Zahner Labs Innovation

Dynamic Design and Feasibility Workflow

Optimizing Concept Iteration

Balancing design parameters, cost, and quality on complex projects is a non-trivial task. Through collaboration with Perkins&Will, the Labs team identified improvements to project workflows between architects and fabricators that benefit all stakeholders.

Articles & News

Metal Architecture Talks with Bill Zahner About the Industry Past, Present, and Future

From the Blog

Metal Architecture is the leading authority on the use of metal in architectural applications and building design. Editor Paul Deffenbaugh recently posed 10 questions to fourth-generation A. Zahner Co. CEO Bill Zahner on the evolution of the industry, the history of the 125-year-old firm—and what lies ahead for both.

A history of Stainless Steel

Designing, Fabricating, and Building with the King of Metals—Stainless Steel

A modern metal with jewel-like luster and timeless corrosion resistance.

Qualities of Stainless Steel

The Finishes, Colors, and Light Waves of Stainless Steel

No other metal offers the vastness and variety of options of stainless steel.

Advances in Stainless Steel

The Latest Innovations and Applications of Stainless Steel

An exploration of the advanced applications and immense possibilities of stainless steel.

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