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Zahner invites our design and fabrication partners from around the world to take a closer look at some of our latest new product ideas, provide feedback, and be part of the Zahner Labs process. We design, build, test and analyze in a series of short sprints that enable fast iterations. New designs pass through stage gate evaluations that become progressively more rigorous, going from prototype, to field testing, to full-scale market launch and commercialization.

We believe that innovation and collaboration can thrive with sound methods and great teams. Welcome to Zahner Labs.

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Zahner’s ImageWall system has provided architects with the ability to create image-based, custom-perforated metal panels from many years. Now, Zahner Labs is developing an exciting twist with ImageLines – an additional customization for generating perforated images.

3D Perforated Panels

Louver Surface

Louver Surface is a product prototype for a new category of perforated metal panel that features robotically bent tabs and louvers, providing custom transparency, articulation, and open-air values.

Video Freeform Robotic Polishing
Video Robot Assisted Welding
Video Robotic Wheeling

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