Company Mission

Zahner’s mission is to surpass the expectations of clients by expanding the boundaries of high-quality metal and glass used in art and architecture. The company pushes the levels of technology while providing a worthwhile, challenging, and safe environment for present and future employees and associates. 

Zahner paul martin shows design assist
Zahner Design Assist meeting with clients at Project 9.
Zahner factory
Photograph of Zahner shop during production of Petersen Automotive Museum.


Since 1897 and across four generations, the family-owned business of A. Zahner Company has produced highly crafted architectural metalwork for artists and architects around the globe. Throughout the company's history, employees at Zahner have developed advanced metal surfaces and systems for both functional and ornamental architectural forms.

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Zahner is committed to protecting the environment and providing a safe and healthy environment for employees, family, and the community at large. The company maintains ecological practices at a local, regional, and national level, and works to protect the planet in which we all inhabit.

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Zahner has been recognized for many years by local and national press, including coverage in both architectural publications as well as syndications for general readership. Read about Zahner projects and coverage in the news. For press inquiries, please visit the contact page.

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As a company founded in the 19th century, Zahner has come a long way. Staying true to the ideals of its founders while pursuing technological innovation in architecture has birthed a 21st century company that is recognized by international institutions of recognition. Below is a selection of some of the company's highlights:

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions for inquiries into working with Zahner. To get in touch with a Zahner representative, fill out the project inquiry form, or contact

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