Grate & Planter


Custom grate systems for tree surrounds and other applications can be developed using a range of methods including custom casting and custom water jet for heavy plates in a variety of metals. Zahner will work with your team to develop the perfect system.

Custom grate and planter systems for tree growth and inhibition can be developed with any aesthetic or design, and can be engineered to provide flexibility and expansion for decades.

Starting with your concept and working within your budget, Zahner’s design team will develop your design as a durable permanent artwork unlike any other. The company’s dedicated team of engineers and fabricators will develop systems in collaboration with a designer’s vision.

Using the magic of engraving technologies, ZIRA, designers can embed graphics, logo branding, and patterned imagery designs into various custom grates and planter box systems, from tree surrounds to trench grates. Zahner provides designers with unparalleled possibility.

Any pattern or design can be cut into plate metal and developed as a grate, planter, or tree surround using Zahner custom metal processes.

Developing a custom plant surround starts with your concept. Zahner can provide a number of design options as well as full service design assist, engineering, manufacturing and installation services. Find out how Zahner can assist with developing your concept by contacting the Zahner sales team.