Soffit Systems


Soffit systems engineered and manufactured by Zahner are the result of innovative architects, designers, and artists who challenged the norms of what to expect in the built environment. Working with Zahner to develop a custom metal soffit system begins with your design.

Zahner custom soffit systems range in scope, complexity, and material. With capabilities to work in any metal, glass, ceramic, engineers and fabricators at Zahner have developed some of the most stunning soffit systems for both residential and commercial architectural projects.

Creating a soffit system with Zahner starts with your design direction, and ends with a stunning product worth writing home about. Pictured above are a few of the unique soffit systems developed by Zahner: a painted aluminum soffit with a curved profile at Gates Hall at Cornell in Ithaca, NY; a zinc soffit with custom patina on the McMurtry building in Stanford, CA; a stainless steel soffit for the Neiman Marcus flagship store in Natick, MA; and a stainless steel soffit for a private residence in Montana.

See more examples of how Zahner works with architects to develop custom soffit systems, or contact a Zahner sales engineer to begin looking at your design.