Earlier this year, Pantone named "Greenery" the color of the year for 2017, providing opportunities for designers to look at products and systems with green-toned color palettes. Pantone’s Greenery tone is already making its mark in architecture. This year, The Chrysalis will be unveiled in Columbia, Maryland. This unique architectural project is simultaneously a sculpture, a pavilion and a stage for a variety of performance types.

Clad in a palette of green-coated aluminum shingles of varying size and tone, the Chrysalis is nearing completion at its home in Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods. The colors of the Chrysalis closely match the “Greenery” swatch chosen by Pantone as the color of 2017.

Manufactured by Zahner, the Chrysalis features pleated aluminum forms painted with four shades of green. Zahner designed the secondary structure and exterior skin system using assemblies made with ZEPPS, the Zahner-patented system for building sculptural forms. The parts are manufactured in Kansas City, where both the painted aluminum plates and structural ZEPPS Assemblies are formed.

Chrysalis pantone
Installers at The Chrysalis in Columbia, Maryland.
Pantone greenery chrysalis
The four color-tones selected for The Chrysalis.
Chrysalis greenery pantone
Detail of The Chrysalis exterior skin.
Chrysalis greenery sculpture marc fornes
The Chrysalis in Columbia, Maryland nears completion.

Inner Arbor Trust, the developer behind the project, brought in a world-class team of designers, engineers, contractors and specialty fabricators and installers to produce this project. Designed by Marc Fornes, head of THEVERYMANY, a New York City based art and architecture practice. The Chrysalis is set to open on April 22, 2017 at Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods.

In the summer of 2013, the Inner Arbor Trust established its brand mark and the green color palette for the Chrysalis, the first phase development in Merriweather Park at Symphony Woods. Designed to both stand out as well as blend into its surrounding nature environment, the Chrysalis Stage Pavilion will provide a flexible performance space for the Columbia, Maryland community.