Zahner will be participating at the Facade Tectonics 2016 World Congress in Los Angeles on October 10-11. The conference will include presentations, panel discussions, exhibitors, and workshops addressing the theme Face Time: The Emergence of Facade as the Integrative Factor in Holistic Building Design.

Zahner has a rich history of working with visionary designers. Each new project challenges our team to develop in-house facade solutions. We embrace the never-before-been-done. Whether its pushing the boundaries with the Hoberman Associates designed kinetic facades, or innovating on robotic technologies to create 3D perforations for the Morphosis-designed Cornell NYC, or creating three unique facades in Miami based on a unitized system, Zahner welcomes the challenge. Conferences such as Facade Tectonics provide an opportunity to discover how other teams are tackling designer-led innovation, as well as what new tools and products are coming up from within the facades industry.

Cornell NYC, Morphosis
Cornell NYC, Morphosis
3D Louvered perforation in process.

Facade-design continues to be one of the most rapidly expanding aspects of the architecture industry, and Facade Tectonics and similar conferences provide a powerful outlet to showcase how facade specialists operate.

Facade Tectonics started in 2007 at the USC School of Architecture with considerable efforts in ongoing conferences, research initiatives and publications related to the building envelope. 

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