Earlier this week Zahner hosted over fifty team members of Hollis + Miller Architects at our company's headquarters in Kansas City. Every month, the Hollis + Miller team hosts their monthly meeting in a different places. This month, they requested to host their monthly team meeting in our headquarters and shop facility.

We’ve used our new expansion for several unique events, including an art exhibition, a meeting space, and even a wedding. In this case, our floor served the dual purpose of providing ample room for their corporate gathering, as well as giving us an opportunity to show their team the virtually limitless array of possibilities that we provide. 

Architects both locally and internationally come to Zahner to learn what we can do. Making this connection with clients allows Zahner to create a relationship of trust, reliability, and respect.  Learn about new Zahner design development programs in the pipe-line, and witness our sprawling array of mock-ups first hand. Contact us to request a tour of the Zahner shop.

Touring the Zahner Manufacturing Facility with Hollis + Miller Architects