The work of Howard Elkus spans five decades, and includes a wide array of captivating architectural works. Today, we remember a great architect whose influence and design can be seen around the world.

Don't look at the model — Turn around, and imagine a waterfall. Think about how the water falls.

Howard Elkus

As a collaborator, he would make sure that you understood where he was coming from. He didn't just want it to look a certain way, he wanted you to understand the design's genesis.

The industry will miss his insight and the way he acted, the way he interfaced with his clients. He wanted you to fully understand his vision, and he wanted you to get behind it in a way as though it were your own. 

Mockups for water fall metal
Mockups for a waterfall facade by Elkus Manfredi.
Sample wave
Detail of waterfall panel design concept for Elkus Manfredi.
Neiman marcus howard elkus
Neiman Marcus in Massachusetts, designed by Elkus Manfredi.

Howard Elkus had a personality that was difficult not to enjoy. He brought you into his inspiration. He wanted to share that. He wanted you to completely understand where he was coming from. Everyone who was associated with his projects benefited from his vision. Howard Elkus was a friend to Zahner.

Howard Elkus, 1938-2017.