Zahner recently completed the first project by an architectural artist Ricardo Regazzoni, a spiraling series of mirror-polished steel forms whose geometry is very much in the Ricardo Regazzoni signature style.  The project is a permanent art installation located in Georgetown University in Doha, Qatar where Zahner has completed several works for renowned artists and architects.  Below is an excerpt of the translated interview by Pedro Zurita with Ricardo Regazzoni.

Interview with Ricardo Regazzoni

PEDRO ZURITA: Why did you decide to dedicate your life to sculpture?

RICARDO REGAZZONI: I do not know for sure. Everyone has their calling in life, perhaps in mine, family influenced me.

ZURITA: How would you define your work?

REGAZZONI: My work is the product of the excitement in creating something new and beautiful, accomplished or not it is the same.

ZURITA: In your work there is a clear line that plays with shadows, reflections, light and movement. What do you want to express through this?

REGAZZONI: Le Corbusier said that “Architecture is the encounter of light in the form” — I stand by that.

ZURITA: Recently, you participated in the anniversary exhibition at Ethra Gallery, how much time passed before returning to show your work in Mexico?

REGAZZONI: I cannot remember. I don’t show often because I tend to retreat – I like the silence and solitude, but suddenly one needs to participate. And this latest exhibition was quite rewarding.

ZURITA: Why did you choose Amsterdam as the other city to spend your time?

REGAZZONI: I was inevitably drawn to a carnal passion, so different from Mexico. It intensifies the eccentric, and I discovered the comedy that it is to live life as a tourist, even though we do not want for that.

ZURITA: And contemporary art?

REGAZZONI: All true art is timeless, the designs in the Caves of Altamira, for example, are absolutely contemporary. From today’s art, I am impacted by pieces made with the help of new technology, and I feel excited by the intuition of some artists describing the relativity of time and space that science pursues to understand the universe. The difference is that science advances with technology while art meets poetry.

Photo of Ricard Regazzoni by Rodrigo Terreros.
Photo of Ricard Regazzoni by Rodrigo Terreros.

ZURITA: Architecturally speaking, what is your favorite place in Mexico?

REGAZZONI: Teotihuacan and Monte Alban.

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