The January 2005 issue of “Architectural Record” features ZEPPS, the Zahner-patented system for building complex curves. It also featured the patented Angel Hair finish and structural forms shingle cladding system. The band shell, found on pages 136–145, is one of Gehry Partners stunning twisting curving forms that seams to defy gravity prompting some to ask, “How did they build that?”

The answer lies with ZEPPS. Zahner developed the the system to conform to any given surface geometry. The goal is to translating the Architect’s vision into digitally defined components that can be efficiently built and assembled. These components work in concert to not only provide the most accurate representation of the desired form but to also perform better than conventional field fabrication.

Building with this method enabled the client to enjoy a fully engineered product while greatly reducing the amount of field labor and costs necessary to perform the installation.

The Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park featured in ArchRecord