Creating a World Map for Architecture

The site was created to give website visitors a visual map of unique architecture by Zahner, around the world. The map includes interior and exterior architectural systems, as well as public art, memorials, and various art and design work completed by the engineers and fabricators at A. Zahner Company.

The map serves as both a tool to see work by A. Zahner Company, it also serves as a way to see intriguing works of art and architecture in the cities and towns while traveling. The map allows visitors to zoom in on various cities and see projects by Zahner all over the world. The map works on most mobile devices, including the iPhone and iOs devices, as well as Google Android devices.

Using the Zahner Earth Map

Many of the location’s project descriptions include links to further reading about the project. The link will take you to the Zahner portfolio site, where you can read more and see project imagery.

Many of the cities contain multiple projects. Zoom into major cities to see multiple projects with Zahner manufacturing.

Visit Zahner Earth at the A. Zahner Company website at