Etched & Engraved Metal Systems

Durable Alterations For Metal Surfaces

Etched and engraved metal processes provide a canvas of possibility for expression on plate and panel surfaces. Learn more about laser engraving and CNC engraving, as well as how laser etched and chemical etched metal systems are possible with Zahner fabrication and engineering.

A wide range of etched and engraved metal surfaces are possible and can provide a variety of graphics, text, rich imagery, and patterns. If properly applied, these processes will result in sharp details without fundamentally transforming the structure of a metal surface.

Etching versus Engraving

While sometimes used interchangeably, etching and engraving are unique processes that provide distinct aesthetics and different depths.

  • Etching the metal provides a light surface alteration. Etched materials can be made by routing out a small amount of material, but can also be realized through chemical processes.
  • Engraving provides a deeper surface alteration with more significant amounts of material routed out.

There are several methods to achieve each process: from laser-etching to sandblasting, CNC-engraving to laser marking, and more. Each of these processes has advantages and disadvantages and can be selected based on the metal alloy and performance, as well as the end result and defining aesthetic.

To learn more about etching or engraving the material on your project, contact a member of the Zahner sales team and get started.