Introducing Zinc
Surfaces Concepts

At Zahner, we’re constantly exploring new ways to add visual excitement, dimension, and durability to our growing line of architectural metal products. We experiment, design, prototype, and iterate until we achieve the right balance of beauty and function. And we know product design, development, and commercialization work best when market inputs are collected and considered.

We welcome collaboration with our design, engineering, and construction partners because your ongoing feedback is critical in creating never before seen designs, finishes, and patinas that help us all achieve the incredible.

We invite your opinions, and look forward to your feedback on these new zinc Surfaces concepts.

About the Concepts

Zinc has been used for centuries across Europe, most notably on the distinctive, dark grey rooftops of Paris. But this mysterious metal is relatively new to the art and architecture of North America.

The creative potential of zinc should not be underestimated. The rich textures, varied hues, and durability of zinc offer designers and artists new possibilities of form, appearance and function.

We’ve been hard at work in our shop experimenting with new Surfaces concepts created with zinc. Check out our latest zinc concepts, and let us know what you think.

Zinc 0230

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This zinc patina is colorful and dynamic, similar in tone to various highly popular light interference stainless steel options. With its iridescent qualities, this patina is full of life.

Zinc B001

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This preweathered zinc option rivals the appearance of blackened steel, but with the properties of zinc. The dark mottled tones of this patina give a unique spin on the classic matte-black metal look.

Zinc S006

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This hand-applied zinc patina has a delicate mottling with warm brown tones. These earthy tones give the material a more “natural” weathered look.

Zinc 0130

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Another colorful option, this zinc-coated patina has the properties and hardness of steel. This surface is highly variable and features a wide range of opalescent hues.