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ImageWall® Features

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ImageWall systems are made to order using precision manufacturing and custom software.

ImageWall systems are the ultimate in precision and quality because we control the full stack, from metal sheet forming to software algorithm design. We are constantly exploring new technologies and ideas, in the shop and in the studio, so you can continue pushing the limits of beautiful and functional design.

ImageWall Configurator pricing tool

ImageWall Configurator pricing tool

Transparent Pricing

Be prepared and empowered, with real time pricing information. Knowing pricing information early in the design process makes everyone’s life easier. The cost of making an ImageWall is affected by many factors, including material choice, finishing options, and the machine time to perforate the screen. We show you the cost impact of your changes as you design your ImageWall so that there are no surprises later in the process.

Simple Install

Install your ImageWall quickly and accurately without specialty tools. The ImageWall attachment system is designed to make accurate installation easy. The systems are developed in collaboration with licensed engineers for structural rigidity yet require no site welding, cutting, or adhesives. Simply Drop and Lock™.

Precision Manufacturing

Take advantage of generations of experience and powerful tools. Every ImageWall is custom made in our Kansas City and Dallas shops in the USA. Our shops are supported by 120 years of experience in metal fabrication and research. We employ current technology and a deep understanding of the behavior of metal to create fully custom architectural installations that fit right, every time.

Seamless Transitions

Eliminate panel borders to create a seamless image. We have developed processes to create seamless imagery by enabling perforations to continue across a folded seam or joint. Similar panel systems often leave an unperforated border around each panel, obscuring your imagery with a prominent panel grid. Upload your image to see how, together, we can create a high-impact display where the boundaries between panels fade into the background.

Multi-plane ImageWall surface

Multi-plane ImageWall surface

Curved, overlapping ImageWall panels depict the CVS logo

Curved, overlapping ImageWall panels depict the CVS logo

An ImageWall surface in the lobby of AECOM, featuring Zahner's Dirty Penny™ patinated copper.

An ImageWall surface in the lobby of AECOM, featuring Zahner's Dirty Penny™ patinated copper.

Interior ImageWall screen

Interior ImageWall screen

Customizable Systems

Make ImageWall your wall. Work with our team to create the perfect system.

Our standard systems are a great starting point. Designed based on our experience with actual projects, they are often exactly what your projects need. However, every ImageWall is made to order and thus fully customizable. Our team of designers and engineers will work with you to design a system that is just right for your needs.

Get the Specs

ImageWall Datasheet (PDF)

An overview of ImageWall systems.

System Details (JPG)

Details to include in your project drawings.


Standard project warranty.


For inclusion in project specifications.

ImageWall Sheet Material

ImageWall Sheet Material

What’s in the Box?

There is much more to ImageWall than perforated sheets of metal.

What happens after you press the Buy button? Here is a summary of what to expect and what is and is not included in the price. For details, please peruse the Terms of Use or contact us.


  • ImageWall panels, framing structure, and hardware to attach everything together.
  • Engineered shop drawings and installation instructions included.
  • Walls and facades are engineered for any of the following substrates: filled CMU, wood or metal stud wall with blocking, concrete floor slabs at least 8″ thick, or steel frame. All systems are engineered for the standard design wind loads at your location.
  • Careful packaging and delivery to your door/warehouse/job site included.
  • 8″ x 10″ generic sample of panel finish can be sent upon request for Zahner Surfaces.
  • Includes limited collaboration time to develop details that can’t be represented in the designer, for example corners or an opening for a door. Each modification is subject to individual approval.

Not Included

  • Hardware to attach our system to the wall, floor, or ceiling is not included. However our structure will include holes for your fasteners.
  • Shop drawings will require field dimensions, which you need to provide. We’ll work with you to figure out the measurements we need.
  • If you have a wall that is not on the list, are concerned about snow or ice loads, or your project starts more than 20 feet above ground level, just let us know.
  • Permit fees, duties, and taxes outside of USA are not included.
  • Let us know if you need a mockup or other project-specific samples and we can provide a separate quote.
  • We can make anything! However the price above doesn’t include major modifications to the design, for example a door or non-planar surfaces. Get in touch if you’re not sure.

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