From renovation and restoration to new construction, historic metalwork has been a staple of A. Zahner Company since its inception in the 1897. The Company's history includes custom cornices, metal-mesh skylights of the early 1900's, and many other classic architecture features. 

These historic metalworking techniques inform the engineers and fabricators at Zahner, breathing new life into existing historic architecture around the world. Zahner provides historic metalwork for both new construction, as well as existing preservation and restoration services provided by Zahner. 

The company is able to provide these services through the maintenance of traditional processes and machinery which the company has retained in order to do these historic jobs.

Today, the company continues the tradition of historic architecture. Zahner provides both maintenance services as well as restoration and new construction for architectural details in historic styles. See examples of projects below, or get in touch with a Zahner engineer to develop your project.