Beyond the Building Information Model

Zahner Virtual provides a robust modeling platform for advanced project delivery, providing an open and collaborative BIM (Building Information Model) experience for the entire project team.

What if you could design a building and see it through to completion, all on a single platform?  Zahner Virtual provides the solution for the next steps needed for making advanced architectural practices into reality.  

At the Core of Zahner Virtual is the the Dassault Systems 3DExperience platform. Using this system, the team aims to provide an end-to-end solution for design teams around the world, bringing architects, engineers, contractors and fabricators together under a precision-based modeling system. Zahner uses the Cloud-based service to develop conceptual models which extend through the design, fabrication and construction phases. Together, Dassault Systems and Zahner are changing how the built environment gets built.

To learn more, visit the Zahner Virtual website.