CloudWall® Metal Fin-Based Profile System


CloudWall is a product system offered by Zahner to give designers a simple way to create facades and more. CloudWall provides a custom fin-based profile for facades, ceilings, fences, low-barriers and other applications.

CloudWall provides an infinitely customizable fin-based profile system developed by Zahner engineers. CloudWall provides an aesthetically intriguing form, as well as custom vertical louvers for shading. When used as a facade, CloudWall provides a self-contained structural system capable of supporting a glass curtainwall with no additional structure required.


Because the CloudWall system is a complete structural system, the infill between each fin can be made in a range of surfaces. In fact, the CloudWall system was designed from the ground-up to include architectural glazing and curtainwall as infill. Infill options include a  range of architectural metals, as well as glass, ceramic, and other less common materials. The infill panels can also be open air or partially open, using a variety of custom perforated metal to enhance aesthetics.


The system was first developed as a solution for the Zahner headquarters’ north dock expansion. The building’s facade design was developed with Crawford Architects’ Stephen Colin, Michael O’Donnell, and Stacey Jones, who worked alongside Zahner engineers and designers to develop an avant-garde billowing curtain wall of glass and aluminum.

CloudWall systems ships complete with all of the structural supports and hardware required for installation. CloudWall parts arrive at your jobsite labeled with simple instructions for leveling and hanging the metal hardware.

To learn more about using CloudWall on your design, contact a member of the sales team at Zahner.

WORKS FEATURING CloudWall® Metal Fin-Based Profile System