Drop & Lock™ Inverted Seam Technology Panel Systems by Zahner


Drop & Lock systems developed by Zahner use Inverted Seam technology to enable fast and sealant-free installation of metal panels and other hardware for architectural systems.

Drop & Lock systems benefit from the technologies developed in the Zahner-owned Inverted Seam patent, and enable designers to develop any surface into a panel system with cold connections. The systems use a two-part process for installation, and include all of the hardware needed to hang the panel system. Use of Drop & Lock systems eliminate the need for structural steel in some cases.

Components of Drop & Lock Systems

Each system is composed of both female hardware and male hardware which enable fast connections with no need for additional sealants or fastening systems. The female components provide the vertical ribbing, attached to the structural steel. The male components are built into the panel. Hanging the panels is a streamlined process. Construction teams lift the panels into position, insert into female connections, and drop into place.