Mullion & Transom


Custom mullion and transom systems developed by Zahner provide designers with the tools for challenging the status quo and building something new. Zahner provides rich customizations, developing unique cladding designs for both vertical and horizontal members.

When a designer begins working through the glazing and fenestration options, they will often find the choices lacking. These are typically limited to standard aluminum frames. Zahner provides custom mullion and transom design development and fabrication, expanding the designer’s palette by as far as the imagination will take them.

Unique mullion and transom systems can benefit an otherwise standard design by adding something intriguing to the vertical and horizontal supports. From prestige metal alloys to ornate tracery and historic metalwork, customizing these component covers can transform a design from a standard architectural feature into something fantastic and one-of-a-kind.

These mullion systems can be retrofitted onto existing aluminum mullion systems, or customized onto uniquely shaped extruded aluminum forms developed by Zahner.

Zahner works with architects and designers to realize their vision. Developing a custom mullion system starts with your concept. Zahner will provide design options as well as full service design assist, engineering, manufacturing, and installation services. To learn how Zahner can work with you on your project, contact the Zahner sales team and get started.