Facade Systems


Wall systems for both interior and exterior walls. Zahner provides a variety of facade systems on a custom basis.


Wall systems developed by Zahner include both interior and exterior panel types. Each wall system offered by Zahner is fast to install with minimal reveals. The company’s wall system capabilities include standard metal facade systems with no visible fasteners, custom interior wall and wall-cladding systems, and a wide range of both closed and open air metal wall systems.

In exterior applications, Zahner provides expertise in developing dry joint wall systems. By developing systems that use no wet joint sealants, the wall system will age with grace. Silicon and other wet joints will begin to streak within a few years of exterior use.

Each of the custom wall systems developed by Zahner incorporate the principles of pressure equalization and rain screen technology. These systems will provide a high-endurance protective cladding which weather the elements for many years.

Wall panel systems can be made in a variety of custom repeating or non-repeating shapes, including planar, curving, and dual-curving cladding. These can be clad in both architectural metals as well as architectural glass and ceramic panel systems. In addition to the standard metal finishes, Zahner develops many custom patina and mechanical finishes. These can be used on both interior and exterior wall systems.

Zahner engineers will work with your team to develop a custom facade, wall panel system, or interior wall panel system for your design. To learn more about how Zahner can serve on your project’s wall systems, contact the Zahner sales team.