On Thursday, February 5th in Los Angeles, two key members of the Zahner team that worked on Emerson LA campus will present Delivering Complexity at the Facades+ Conference in downtown Los Angeles.

Paul Martin, Director of Engineering Sales, and Anitha Burra, Senior Engineering Manager, will discuss how their team provided the complex forms, panels, and facades on the Emerson LA building by Morphosis.

Leading the discussion, Kerenza Harris, architect at Morphosis, will discuss how automation systems and parametric tools were integrated into the workflow.

The talk will include how changes to the design were easily integrated using the shared 3D model, collaboratively increasing the efficiencies. The design includes a scrim wall with several sets of repeating parts, a dual-curving facade made possible with ZEPPS technology and thousands of manufactured components unique to the Emerson LA project.

Anitha Burra and Paul Martin in front of the Solanum Steel facade at Zahner HQ.
Anitha Burra and Paul Martin in front of the Solanum Steel facade at Zahner HQ.

About the Presenters

Paul Martin is the Director of Engineering Sales for the A. Zahner Company, an engineering design consultancy and fabrication firm known for some of the world’s most inventive and intricate metal facades. Since 1998, Mr. Martin has worked closely with many of the world’s top architects and artists to deliver exceptional projects.

Anitha Burra is a Senior Engineering Manager for A. Zahner Company. Her background in product design and development facilitates collaboration with architects and designers in bringing complex, custom designs to fruition.

Kerenza Harris currently works on the design and system integration of complex façade systems for Morphosis Architects. Her primary focus is to develop automation systems and parametric tools that can be fully integrated into the workflow, from the early design phase all the way to construction administration.

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The Facades+ Conference takes place February 5 — 6, 2015 at the LA Hotel Downtown in Los Angeles, California. Get tickets to the Facades Plus Conference.