Cross-Seam Perf™ Continuous Graphic Perforation Imagery by Zahner


Cross-Seam Perf is a Zahner-developed innovation which provides continuous perforated imagery across panel seams and around corners. Perforated metal should enhance the aesthetics of a designed environment, and Zahner systems are designed to provide the richest experience possible.

Cross-Seam Perf provides perforated metal systems with continuous imagery across planar and corner surfaces, and is a standard feature available in many Zahner products, most notably in ImageWall for custom image-based perforated metal.

Cross-Seam Perf enables a perforated image or graphic to continue across a folded seam. This is done without face-fasteners, meaning that there is no visible hardware on the surface of your metal design. This feature gives surfaces a visually pleasing effect when seen from a short distance. It also protects the metal surface from tampering.

Picture Framing Perforation vs. Cross-Seam Perf

Picture-framing refers to a perforated metal system in which each panel has a “picture frame” or an unperforated border around the edges of each panel.

Cross-Seam Perforation provides a parametric fabrication solution. Panels are perforated across the brake-lines, and when the panel is formed, these perforation will continue parametrically across the surface.

Before Zahner began providing this solution, many designers were left with two choices: either settle for “picture-framing” or settle for thicker metal plates with face-fasteners. Systems with face-fasteners are unsightly from a close distance, and will sometimes be more expensive. This is because these will require a thicker metal to stay rigid, while Zahner panel systems are rigidized by interlocking folded edges.

Cross-seam perforation comes standard on Zahner perforated metal systems unless otherwise specified. This includes the majority of ZIRA projects and ImageWall projects, both of which are Zahner products for providing custom perforated metal.

In addition to providing a clean aesthetic, Cross-Seam Perf gives designers a method to tightly control the aesthetics of a design. The digitally defined accuracy will reduce issues with panel alignment, and increase the quality of your design’s finished product.

Zahner will work with your design team to develop a perforated metal system which meets the highest standards of quality and precision. To learn more about developing your perforated metal concept, contact the Zahner sales team and get started.