Undulated Metal Panel Systems


Metal facade and roof systems designed to provide an undulated metal look require a thoughtful approach to aesthetics and engineering. Zahner can provide natural and machine-pressed metal systems to achieve rippled textures and undulating effects in metal.

Undulated metal panel systems by Zahner provide an aesthetic of rippling waterfalls by designing deep metal textures into the surface. As opposed to a specific technique, this creative feature is more a function of Zahner engineers and fabricators to innovate and develop custom systems which meet design concepts.

Zahner has developed a number of methods to achieve rippled metal effects. This includes both custom surface treatments which etch two-dimensional surfaces, as well as heavy surface pressing which create a texture or sculptural effect of undulated metal. These techniques can then be panelized into exterior facade systems, interior panel systems, canopies, ceilings, and more.

For a controlled aesthetic, undulated metal effects can be achieved through bumped metal systems. Similar to Zahner methods for embossing metal, undulations in a flat or relatively flat material can be created.

Designers who are developing a custom undulated metal system can find in Zahner an eager collaborator, working to develop a unique and artistic aesthetic for your project using innovative techniques.

Developing a custom undulated panel starts with your concept. Zahner can provide a number of design options as well as full service design assist, engineering, manufacturing and installation services.

To learn how Zahner can work with you on your project, contact the Zahner sales team and get started.