Zahner works with designers to develop custom lighting systems which integrate into a built facade or architectural detail.

Developing lighting as part of an integrated architectural system

For many works, Zahner will take on the lighting and other scopes of a project as part of the larger building envelope. This is in large part due to the advanced nature of many of the building systems developed with Zahner. The most efficient way to build complex architecture is through the use of complete, prefabricated assemblies.

For instance, on complex curving forms, Zahner manufactures and preassembles these parts in the company’s shop facility. These forms include not only the exterior rainscreen, but also the water barrier, insulation, electrical, lighting (and more). By integrating the lighting into the pre-assembled unit, the part will arrive on-site ready to install by a typical labor crew, and no speciality trades are required in the field.

There are many examples of projects completed by Zahner where the in-house fabrication team was responsible for a range of components including the lighting system. To learn how Zahner can work with you on your project, contact the Zahner sales team and get started.