Inverted Seam™

Inverted Seam system for creating high-performance roofs with no visible fasteners.

Inverted Seam™ is a roof system that provides designers with a smooth uniform metal surface on for a variety of roof applications including low-pitch surfaces. The system provides a powerful method for controlling precipitation through subsurface channels.

Inverted Seam was developed by Zahner as a solution to create the smoothest, most uniform cladding system with powerful moisture control. As a roof system, Inverted Seam is free of upstanding ribs and seams that define typical metal roof surfaces. It is also free of face-fasteners. All of the attachment hardware is based on internal interlocking hardware.

Aerial view of DFW Terminal D featuring Inverted Seam roof.

Aerial view of DFW Terminal D featuring Inverted Seam roof.

Example diagram of a custom Inverted Seam roof system.

Example diagram of a custom Inverted Seam roof system.


The system is fully engineered to control moisture with metal. Inverted Seam systems are not dependent on seals or membranes to keep moisture out. It incorporates secondary and tertiary water deterrent mechanisms within the cavity spaces below the metal surface.

The highly flexible system is often used to prevent moisture build-up on low-pitch or nearly flat roofs. When precipitation strikes the surface of the roof, the moisture is contained on the surface or confined within a concealed guttering system. This series of channels runs the course of the entire roof, to be diverted into drainage or water collection systems. The Inverted Seam system provides a number of features and benefits:

  • Secondary and tertiary water deterrence
  • Aluminum, steel, stainless steel, brass surfaces
  • Guaranteed performance
  • Fully engineered surface
  • Low slope
  • No upstanding ribs
  • Can run perpendicular to water flow
  • Highly adaptable

Inverted Seam provides a visually clean surface with no exposed fasteners. It combines the science behind pressure equalized chambers with the longevity of quality materials. The system is unmatched with regard to moisture control and longevity. One of the most wind resistant enclosure systems available, the Inverted Seam has been tested to negative loads exceeding 100 psf (4,788 pascals). The metal has to yield before the roof surface will come loose.

Inverted Seam has been successfully used on over 500,000 square feet of near flat roof surfaces. Some of the larger buildings include The Community of Christ Temple and DFW Airport Terminal D.

To learn more about specifying the Inverted Seam system for your next design, contact the Zahner sales team and get started.