ShopFloor is a platform for designers which provides a fast and easy way to make fully engineered and manufactured designs. The platform provides mass customization architectural and industrial design. 

Mass customization is a term which describes factory-based manufacturing with advanced user-based customization. Each product offered on ShopFloor provides an app which designers can use to customize their designs. Mass customization with ShopFloor means that designers are able to customize material and finish, shape and form, image-based perforation, and more. 

ShopFloor also introduces instant pricing for custom architecture. As designers make changes to their designs online, each app provides instant pricing for the cst

The product system includes a small number of Zahner products including CloudWall, ImageWall, and StoreFront. The product system also provides a collaborative platform for designers to develop products manufactured by Zahner. The Aluminum Bench designed by Jonathan Olivares is the first such collaboration. Each of the apps running on ShopFloor benefit from generative manufacturing, advanced user-customization, and instant pricing which is calculated based on the current price of the metals market with the cost of Zahner’s manufacturing. 

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