Patinated Copper Patina

Star Blue™ Copper is a preweathered surface patina on copper offered by A. Zahner Company. The custom copper sheet product provides a range of unique visual color textures on authentic copper surfaces.

Zahner began working with copper patination when the company was formed in the late nineteenth century. To get the aged copper look of ancient domes requires entire centuries of weathering in conditions that are neither to dry nor too humid. Zahner uses a technique that speeds up this process.

The custom patina can be used on a range of different wall paneling systems, roofing systems, and architectural accents, as well as art and sculpture projects of any scale. Patinas are often preferred over paints for their natural weathering and aging, a much desired trait compared with painted surfaces which deteriorate.

Blue Copper, Unlike Any Other Material

Zahner operationalized the Star Blue Patina on Copper for the Kansas City Star Production Facility, the first large-scale application of Zahner's proprietary rapid-patination process.

The artistic patina has variation in tone and texture, an uncommon trait that is sought after in the architectural metals community. The development of stable patinas on copper requires a strong background in science, and an understanding of chemical compounds, various climates, and their atmospheric and local conditions.

Copper green patina soffit
Custom copper wall and soffit for Columbus Art Museum.
Copper fascia patina
Custom copper patina on wall and fascia of Kansas City Star.
Patina copper wall panel
Custom wall panel with patinated copper.
Curved copper roof patina
Curved roof system with patinated copper.
Green copper sculpture
Custom copper patina for sculpture.

The Star Blue difference — Resolving Verdigris

Verdigris refers to a chemical process applied to copper in order to create a blue-green color. Specifically, it references copper acetate, a pigment which develops as a reaction between copper and acetic acid.

The problem with verdigris patina standards, is that it can leave the material in a soluble state. Zahner patina technicians have mastered the process of taking verdigris to an insoluble state, ensuring that the patina is fused to the surface. This is the Star Blue surface, a chemically stable patina produced safely using rapid-patination offered by A. Zahner Company.

Hands of man bill zahner process

Selection of Projects Produced with the Star Blue Patina on Copper

Works featuring Star Blue™