Dallas Cowboys Stadium

Designed by HKS, the Dallas Cowboys Stadium is among the largest in the world, seating 100,000 people. Zahner produced the stainless steel perimeter metalwork on the exterior and the interior of the stadium.

Due to the geometric complexities of these areas, HKS selected Zahner to produce the custom finished steel work. Zahner design-engineered the HKS entrance archway using ZEPPS, a patented system for creating and manufacturing complex forms. Using the ZEPPS system allowed for fabricating structural sections that were easily installed.

HKS’s spirit of cooperation in providing leadership, design innovation, delivery and execution to our project superseded even my high expectations and helped bring our dreams to life. AT&T Stadium has proven itself not only as a football stadium, but as a venue for other sports and large entertainment events. It has been an instant hit – recognizable worldwide.

Jerry Jones Owner, President and General Manager, Dallas Cowboys
Cowboys stadium stainless steel
Ticketing & Giftshop at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.
Dallas cowboys zepps assemblies
Cowboys stadium metal work
Detail of the stainless steel metalwork on the Dallas Cowboys Stadium.
Cowboys stadium metalwork
Cowboys Stadium in Stainless steel.
Cowboys stadium external
Aerial view of Cowboys Stadium.