The Dream Downtown Hotel in New York City

The Dream Downtown Hotel, designed by Handel Architects, features a Zahner engineered custom façade and window system. To mitigate glare, the stainless steel is custom finished to medium reflectivity. The perforated ZIRA system lends an element of visual interest and added rainscreen functionality.

Zahner was selected to collaborate on the project due to the complexity of engineering required. The architect’s drawings outlined dozens of circular windows to be cut into the façade, mirroring parts of the preserved historic building, originally designed by Albert Ledner.

Dream downtown perforated metal nyc
Hotel guests enter the south entrance of the Dream Hotel in NYC.
Dream downtown metal panel
North facade of the Dream Downtown / Staircase inside the Dream Hotel.
Dream hotel south facade
South facade of the Dream Downtown in New York City.
Dream hotel meatl fabrication for nyc
Metal fabricators at Zahner's shop manufacture the window systems for the New York City facade..
Dream hotel facade
North facade of the Dream Downtown.
Dream downtown metal panel system detail
Detail of the metal panel system of the south side of Dream Downtown.