The Felix Restaurant at Peninsula Hotel, Hong Kong

FELIX is an avant-garde bar and restaurant at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. Designed by Philippe Starck, the restaurant promises spectacular city views and dining that pushes the limits of culinary boundaries.

Starck’s quirky design necessitated customization on every level. Zahner provided stainless steel and zinc metalwork throughout the restaurant, including unique basket-woven zinc strip seating backs and stairwell cladding. A custom patinated zinc wall covering and hammered zinc skirting provide unique accents in the wine room and caviar bar.

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The Semantic Metal Surface

The Semantic Metal Surface is an article which outlines the sustainable aspects of various metals. Written by L. William Zahner, the piece was originally published in the architectural quarterly, “Forward, The Architecture & Design Journal of the National Associates Committee.”When defining a logic to use a particular surface material, various aesthetic qualities such as color, texture, patterns and boundaries are often considered. In our pursuit to arrive at materials that perform over a lifetime and do not possess hidden cost to our children's future, considerations of manufacture and eventual recovery and recycling of the material must also play a part. Architectural metals achieve these design requirements. They are durable and lightweight. They can be formed, shaped, pierced, cut and machined in ways only plastics can attempt to copy.Architectural metals are the family of materials that encompass aluminum alloys, copper and copper alloys, brasses and bronzes, iron and steel alloys including stainless steels, lead, tin, titanium, and zinc.Each of these metals has a vast array of finishes and textures that add color and interface with light like no other substances on earth. Many of these metals can be coated with other metals to enhance their performance or aesthetic appeal. For example, zinc in the process of galvanizing provides tremendous benefit via galvanic protection to steel. Aluminum and steel are often painted to provide a particular color while adding a barrier to prevent the ambient conditions from affecting the base materials’ performance. In these cases, metals act simply as an affordable ductile form.

Felix bar basket weave
Interior woven zinc surfaces at the Felix Hong Kong
Felix bar hong kong ball room
Felix Restaurant at Peninsula Hotel
Custom bar tables
Bar tables at the Felix Restaurant
Felix hotel stairs
Hotel Stairs at the Felix Hong Kong
Felix basket weave metalwork zahner
Interior woven zinc surfaces at the Felix Hong Kong
Felix hotel bar
Felix Bar at Penninsula Hotel
Felix bar hk ball room
Felix Restaurant Ballroom