Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts

The Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts is a Safdie Architects project located in Kansas City. Zahner provided the stainless steel which wraps the entirety of the facade and roof.  This included the engineering, fabrication, and installation of all of its exterior metalwork. Zahner also provided interior metalwork in key areas such as staircases and other architectural detailing on the building's interior. 

The building has already made a dramatic and transformative impact on Kansas City, changing both the city's skyline as well as the experience of artists and audiences throughout the region. The structure is a singular architectural icon for Kansas City and the Midwest.

The design provides a 285,000-square-foot hall with two performance venues: the 1,800-seat Muriel Kauffman Theatre and the 1,600-seat Helzberg Hall. The building is home to the Kansas City Symphony, the Lyric Opera of Kansas City, and the Kansas City Ballet.

Zahner worked closely with the design team to develop the surface systems. The entire roof and metal wall-surface is clad in GB-60 stainless steel, Zahner-developed product which provides a muted reflectivity and resilience to the elements. The first stainless steel panels were installed at the Kauffman Center the week of August 2nd, 2010, and the project was inaugurated September 16th 2011.

Kauffman center
Kauffman Center designed by Moshe Safdie.

The internationally recognized design team that has been assembled includes Moshe Safdie & Associates, BNIM Architects, JeDunn Construction, Theatre Projects Consultants, and Nagata Acoustics. Their design incorporates the very latest in architectural innovation and technology to create virtually perfect acoustics and optimal sightlines in both performance halls.

Kauffman center eric steele img 5650 2
Kauffman Center designed by Moshe Safdie.
Kauffman 8473 2
Kauffman interior metalwork installation
Installation of Kauffman Center interior metalwork by Zahner field operators.
Kauffman performing arts construction team
Detail of the Kauffman Center roof during construction.
Kauffman performing arts construction
Field operators install the ZEPPS™ Panels on the South roof of Kauffman Center.
Custom roof building envelope
A single ZEPPS panel for the roof system is hung at Kauffman Center.
Kpac aerial architectural paneling
Kauffman Center architectural paneling.