Michigan Avenue Plaza in Chicago, Illinois

The addition of a bold red canopy to the decades-old Boulevard Towers at 225 Michigan Avenue has provided the buildings with a new distinctive basing in the Chicago architectural landscape.

While the buildings' original design was completed in the early 1980's by Fujikawa Johnson Associates (FJA Architects), this project was conceived as a renovation in the early 2000's designed by FGM Architects

Zahner was brought on to design and engineer the system, as well as providing the manufacture and installation of the prefabricated components of the distinctive red awning. Fabricated in aluminum panels with a red protective enamel coating, the understructure is made possible by a lightweight ZEPPS framework of preassembled panels.

Chicago michigan plaza 3587 2
The red aluminum canopy for Michigan Avenue Plaza in Chicago.

The new addition of new crimson canopy was imagined by FGM Architects and made possible by a design team including A. Zahner Company, H+P Engineering, and Reed Construction for the client MB Real Estate in Chicago.

Banner chicago michigan 2
Michigan ave red canopy
Chicago michigan plaza 1338
Construction photo of the Michigan Avenue Plaza awning in Chicago.
Michigan plaza 04 07 08 021
Construction photo shows a man standing on the top of the Michigan Avenue Plaza awning in Chicago.
Chicago michigan plaza 3605
View of the red painted aluminum canopy from Michigan Avenue in Chicago.
Chicago michigan plaza 3617
Detail of the Michigan Avenue Plaza canpopy ceiling panels.
Chicago michigan plaza 3613
The canopy continues into the building's interior lobby, where an interior lighting system was integrated.
Chicago michigan plaza 3618
Detail of the recessed lighting system detailed in the aluminum canopy's interior ceiling panels.