Nissan Styling Studio and Technology Center

Nissan Design America commissioned Luce et Studio to design an elegant courtyard for the Nissan Design Group, where the company's design team could privately showcase its new technologies and concept cars. Zahner worked with partners Wallace Engineering and Turner Construction to produce the courtyard for the campus.

Completed in 2005, the Nissan Styling Studio features a double layered perforated metal skin which has an offset spiral, 30 feet into the sky.  The perforated screen allows light to enter while preventing viewers from peering in from the outside. This was a key aspect of the design, because the courtyard was used to display concept cars that weren't yet available to the public. The oval shaped space at the Farmington Hills Facility is known as 'The Egg,' an exterior courtyard where final prototypes could be viewed in natural daylight.

Nissan Styling Studio and Technology Center.
Jluce s fh design
Nissan Studio, generating a unique architectural moire at Dusk.
Photograph of the Nissan Egg during a heavy snow.
Nisfhint 0202
Interior metalwork for the Nissan Design Studio in Michigan.
Nisfhext 0503
Nissan Styling Studio and Technology Center.
Nisfhext 0102
Nissan Styling Studio and Technology Center.

Developing the Moiré Design as an Architectural Feature

As part of the project's design development, Zahner produced a mockup for the architects at Luce et Studio. The mockup was manufactured and displayed at the Zahner HQ in Kansas City.

Nissan design mockup 2
Nissan Styling Studio mockup at Zahner Headquarters in Kansas City.
Nissan iso 1 30
Nissan design mockup
Fhegg perf wall9 02 11 03
Kahn architects layout