The North Dock Expansion at the Zahner Campus 

Designed by Crawford Architects, the Zahner Headquarters façade features undulating ZEPPS assemblies. ZEPPS, the patented process used to create custom curving surfaces, are used in projects around the world. Typically, ZEPPS assemblies consist of structural aluminum fins and ribs which are then clad in stainless steel, zinc, or any other building skin material.

The design of the Zahner Headquarters, however, was inspired from examining the ZEPPS understructure; the assemblies were intentionally left exposed, revealing the beauty of the engineering behind what is usually covered over. Zahner engineered and produced the exterior façade, naming it ‘Cloud Wall,’ and subsequently developed an app for designers to easily create similar custom façade iterations online.

The billowing curtain wall features glass inset between each fin. Part of the Inverted Seam system, Zahner developed a patented Drop & Lock method for engineering and installing panelized dry-set glass. Installation is quick and easy via male and female connections.

With a nearly 40-foot high ceiling 10,000-square feet of added space, the expansion allows Union Sheet Metal Workers to easily fabricate large-scale ZEPPS and other assemblies. 

Zahner hq
Zahner headquarters img 0746  c  zahner
A crane is used to hoist each panel into place.
Zahner headquarters installing panels2
Zahner Installers install the glass panels.
Zahner north side
Zahner Headquarters viewed from the North.
Zahner east side
Zahner Headquarters viewed from the East.
Zahner model crawford aluminum
Photograph of the Cloud Wall during construction.
Zahner shop lunch before installation
Zahner employees have a safety lunch in the shop prior to the Cloudwall Installation.
Photo zahner campus interior
Liverpool Interlomas.
Photo zahner campus inteiror2
Photograph of the shop interior during the production of MIC.
Zahner campus during constr
Zahner Expansion nears completion.

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