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A. Zahner Company is an engineering-design consultancy and manufacturer of every aspect of the building envelope. Since the company's founding in 1897 by Andrew Zahner, the firm has been at the forefront of innovative design and fabrication for a variety of artistic disciplines. From the use of aerospace engineering of curving facades to developing and applying patented technologies, innovation is at the core of Zahner. The museum-level craft and engineering that Zahner consistently provides can be found in North and South America, Europe and Asia.

Building with Design Assist

Zahner primarily manufactures projects engineered by its Design Assist team, a practice the company developed in the late 20th century to give clients power to directly control quality, cost, and schedule. Design Assist consistently saves money for owners. This is achieved by expertise, automation strategies, and analytical processes which occur at the beginning of each project.

New products developed by Zahner

The Tessellate™ Adaptive Facade System is a modular framed and glazed screen system whose perforated pattern shifts and evolves kinetically. Up to four perforated panels glide along a path to create a dynamic architectural element capable of regulating light and solar gain, airflow, and privacy.

The versatile design can be integrated into existing systems as a completely self-contained unit protected by glass on either side of the moving metal parts. Tessellate™ is named for the patterns designed for the system. These designs are just the beginning of the visual possibilities inherent in the Tessellate™ System.

CloudWall for ShopFloor, by ZahnerIn January 2014, Zahner launched its ShopFloor™ Platform and flagship application CloudWall™ to provide a web-based interface for rapid design-to-fabrication, enabling competitively priced bespoke architecture. The first application, CloudWall™ is based on Zahner's own headquarters in Kansas City.

Technology for Building Art & Architecture

The ZEPPS® Process simplifies the construction of curving forms and complex facades. This is the curving wall panel system used on projects by Frank Gehry, Randall Stout, Cesar Pelli, Moshe Safdie, Kieran+Timberlake, and more. Inverted Seam® building envelopes provide stunningly smooth planes of metal to catch, control, and divert 100% of precipitation even during the heaviest storms. The Zira™ Visualization system gives designers a variety of custom surfaces generated from a photograph.

Zahner also facilitates projects of every scale, including works of art. The Hands of the Artist program with Zahner sister company Metalabs gives artists access to Zahner engineers and craftsmen, helping artists produce elegant works at museum-level quality. Zahner provides consultation, comprehensive design assist services, fabrication, and installation for art and architectural projects.

Getting started with Zahner

Zahner works with a variety of clients, from developers and building owners to designers and artists. From public art and massive sculptural buildings to interior metal panel systems and bespoke furniture design — what unites Zahner's craft is a dedication to quality surfaces and connections. Get in touch with our design consultants and get started with Zahner.

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Picture of ShopFloor ShopFloor: Create unique designs for architecture and interiors using a simple configurator.

Tessellateā„¢ kinetic metal surfaces by Zahner and ABI released: visually stunning and environmentally responsible.

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