Standard Parking

Standard Parking Garage at 11th & Oak

Designed by George Butler Architects for the Power & Light District of Downtown Kansas City, this is a parking structure's facade was constructed using stainless steel as well as perforated aluminum surface to allow airflow for an otherwise congested space.

The aluminum screen wall was custom perforated and engineered using the MetaPerf™ System for custom designs perforated in metal. The system also has uses for unusual panel sizes and unique details, as was the case with Standard Parking. Each of the panels was installed using an the Inverted Seam™ dry-joint system for integrated walls.

The cornice and bold stainless steel fins were engineered, fabricated and installed to digitally defined coordinates.


Building the Standard Parking Garage

Zahner engineers many of its panel systems with the Drop & Lock™ details. Each of the panels locks into anchored connections on the concrete structure, allowing for rapid installation. Many of the methods Zahner employs use similar processes that allow for field workers to use minimal tools to both install and adjust panels. When L. William Zahner took over the company, there was nearly a hundred people working in the field, and only a handful of craftsmen working in the shop. Today, these numbers have completely reversed.

The photos below show the garage half-way through the installation of aluminum panels. Each of the panels uses the Drop & Lock™ Process for their installation.

Standard Parking Garage During Construction.

Standard Parking Garage detail of the Angel Hair™ Stainless steel fins.

The above photographs were taken years after the project's completion. Stainless steel is often chosen over aluminum due to its high-performance sheen which never dulls and requires no maintenance. Aluminum is more porous, and over time it begins to dull, but this is not yet the case with Standard's screen-wall.

Due to the dulling of the surface, Zahner rarely produces produces finished surfaces with aluminum, but it is a material that exists underneath many of the wild curvilinear projects produced by Zahner. Zahner has also been experimenting with manipulating the dimensional surface of aluminum. Learn more about what Zahner is doing with Mesh Aluminum surfaces.

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