Building Envelope Systems

The term building envelope describes the total wall, roof, and fenestration system of a building. Through specialty patented systems such as ZEPPS and Inverted Seam developed by Zahner engineers, the company has become a specialist in providing systems which enclose an entire building system.


The term “building envelope” describes the total wall, roof, floor and fenestration aspects of a building system. The critical nature of the built enclosure requires the utmost attention that its design sheds water. Performance over time requires understanding of various trades and proper installation, and an understanding of sustainable construction practices.

Through specialty patented systems, Zahner has become a specialist in providing systems which enclose entire buildings. Zahner’s fully-engineered roof systems are designed to integrate not only the exterior cladding, but also the thermal barrier, vapor shield, insulation, glazing, and other aspects of the envelope.

The cladding system must also be able to interact with other elements of the roof system, namely penetrations such as vents and fall protection, mechanical entities such as solar collection units, and a variety of skylight and clerestory features. These systems protect against the elements and yet offer the highest degree of architectural detail and appeal.

As a company, Zahner has been involved in the installation of not only architectural metal, but also glazing and skylight systems since its founding in 1897. The company continues to work in partnerships with glass manufacturing groups, working to develop metal and glass systems for contemporary and historic architecture around the world.

Developing a custom building envelope with Zahner brings with it a history of quality craft and knowledge. The company has successfully produced architecture for over 120 years. At the same time, working with Zahner also invites an exploration of the new. Working with innovative designers, the company has helped forge many of the building systems of tomorrow. To learn more about working with Zahner, contact the sales team and get started.