Parking Garage Facades


Zahner provides a comprehensive solution set for making any parking garage facade more attractive, functional, and affordable. Experience the benefits of having design, engineering, fabrication and installation—all in one place.

Parking garage facades can be risky, complicated, and drive unexpected expenses for project architects, contractors, and owners.

Design, engineering, facade fabrication, and installation systems must be aligned and coordinated perfectly. It takes precision and experience to do it righton time, the first time.

Parking Garage Facade Solutions from Zahner

Our risk-mitigating parking garage facade solutions make it easy for architects, contractors, and owners to commission unique ImageWall designs, using distinctive materials and finishes from our Surfaces collection.

With dozens of parking garage facade projects behind us, we’ve got the experience and talent to advise on every aspect of your parking garage facade including material selection, design feasibility, engineering, attachment points, installation and ongoing maintenance.

We also help you comply with guidelines and standards with respect to car headlight blocking, ventilation, and noise control. We assess your overall design for wind, weather and sunlight resistance as well.

At Zahner, our approach to parking garage design and production focuses on helping you:

  • Make a design statement, affordably. Zahner custom architectural metal facades are aesthetically striking and more affordable and accessible than ever thanks to new technologies and innovative fabrication techniques.
  • Ensure anchor, embed and installation success. Attaching your facade to a concrete structure is made easier and more accurate with our specially-designed embeds and field survey technology. We increase flexibility and tolerances to reduce risk and keep construction schedules on track.
  • Install with confidence. Our skilled installers work safely and quickly with close support from our designers, fabricators, and engineers so any field variations or installations questions can be addressed immediately.
Waiea building parking structure facade in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Waiea building parking structure facade in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Mission Bay Block 27 Parking Structure at Alexandria.

Mission Bay Block 27 Parking Structure at Alexandria.

We take care of every detail and manage your parking garage facade project from start to finish by providing:

  • Design: Our metals, patinas, perforations, and finishes give you options for every aesthetic. Our designers advise on facade aesthetics, costs, materials, and even supply chain status.
  • Engineering: Zahner in-house engineers consider air and light flows, calculate loads, and specify attachment points. Your design and construction drawings are reviewed and evaluated, and you receive feedback on any potential gaps or challenges.
  • Fabrication: Our folding, welding, and punch-press capabilities deliver speed and quality control. Pioneering methods and creative problem-solving allow us to tackle the most challenging designs.
  • Installation: Zahner-designed embeds, advanced field survey technologies, and agile welding methods reduce risk and ensure budget adherence. We have the facade project management and construction talent to deliver flawless facade timing, delivery, handling and installation.

Parking Garage Facade Systems & Products

Louver Surface on the facade of the Bloomberg Center at Cornell Tech

Louver Surface on the facade of the Bloomberg Center at Cornell Tech

Get in touch with one of our project specialists today to talk about your next parking garage project. We’re ready to help.